Creating real opportunities out of technology

How a group of friends is creating technology based opportunities in a dream called Trascender Global.

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I never had technology as my main focus of work, even though I have been working on it for almost a decade, I was never really aware of the great transformation that it implies for society. Only in the last couple of years, I have been able to see the bigger picture by putting all the energies to be an entrepreneur.

I think the exponential growth that technology has had in the last decade caught us all by surprise, and it has never been easy to adopt this changes since it implies restructuring the way you think; however, people that want to make a change in the world for good is embracing it and moving forward to a future where technology helps humankind to live better. Furthermore, this crazy idea that I started with a group of friends called Trascender Global is also surfing that wave.

Today, in a year of a pandemic and big changes in our lives, I want to talk about how a small idea can seize the technological opportunities to bring innovation in three big fronts: the redefinition of the work concept, the creation of opportunities in a region that desperately needs them and the empowering of people to entrepreneur and venture against all uncertainty.

Redefining work and teleworking

Teleworking has been in everyone’s mouth during this pandemic, and it has been one of the biggest challenges companies have had to endure. However, technology has once again come to the rescue: videoconferencing platforms, remote learning, online schedulers, task managers, automated to-do lists, and all of the tools we take for granted now had allowed us not just to survive, but to maintain steady growth.

However, for a Freelance, this is nothing new. On the contrary, this has been their day to day lifestyle for years: a freelance is used to do home-office, balance a productive work schedule with a healthy personal life, accommodate to tight deadlines and sudden work changes, constantly “reinvent” themselves with new courses that complement their skills and build a multidisciplinary contact network.

This type of philosophy and lifestyle is what Trascender is based on: even if we’re not physically close, or have never met beyond a screen, we can still communicate effectively, reach our targets, deliver projects, and build fruitful relationships with both our customers and our crew of Trascendentales.

Bringing innovative opportunities

Colombia and Latin America are full of splendid talented people that due to the economic and social difficulties never get to work in what they envision or dream of; also many of the tech roles are not equally paid when compared to the earnings in developed countries. Our situation is complex, and further than explaining or trying to justify that situation, we focus on how we can improve it and provide better opportunities to people in our region.

Trascender Global focuses on working with clients in a B2B model, creating solutions in the Data Science industry, which go from analytics and descriptive analysis in Business Intelligence, to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence innovation in different industries and economic sectors. We do that by transferring and applying state-of-the-art knowledge on data into need-tailored solutions for business in foreign countries. The beautiful thing is that those solutions are being implemented by people all around our country. We’re expanding now in different Latin American countries – with baby steps though – allowing those people to feel that they’re relevant by knowing that even if they’re in a small town, they can do artificial intelligence for a big multinational corporation.

We urge our people, our crew -which we call Trascendentales-, to strive, excel and realize that we can solve unsolved issues with our talent and capacity. And in the process, they learn not only about Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and other areas, but also about leadership, self-esteem and even other languages and cultures.

Encouraging the new era of entrepreneurs

Many believe that entrepreneurship is some rocket science: “It’s too hard”, “it’s too risky”, “why don’t you get a real job?” are some of the comments that discourage many people of pursuing this way of life, making them feel that they’re taking the wrong path.

In reality, to become an entrepreneur, only one thing is required: to have an idea. When the idea is nurtured, it becomes a vision, then an objective, a purpose, a hypothesis, and sometimes, a business model. All great companies started like that, with the seed of an idea, nurtured by passion and true self-belief.

However, every entrepreneur must also bear the humbling feeling of knowing that you can fail, that your idea might not be “a million-dollar idea”, but you must be willing to let experience and experimentation guide you, to fall and rise, to adapt and overcome, over and over, until you reach that turning point where everything falls into place.

In Trascender Global, we’re passionate about that process: that journey of self-discovery and evolution that every entrepreneur must go through is one of the most valuable growing experiences ever. We look forward to supporting all the ideas that come our way, to guide them in this path, to put our experience in the table and serve as a valuable ally, to grow together and make our crew ideas transcend. It is a huge shot where we create new staff groups within our crew to develop product or services, and soon you will be hearing from some of them.

We like to call this methodology “Monkeys” because just like an idea that moves around in your head, a monkey hangs in a tree and moves swiftly from branch to branch. Still, it has the capacity of evolving, use tools and language, to have its learning process, continually improving, until it can walk by its own. Oh, and also, because of Night Monkey, from Spiderman. Spiderman is cool.

What’s ahead for us?

Trascender Global dreams of following the steps of big tech companies and organizations such as Globant, PSL, Google, IBM, Accenture, and others. We want to lead the technological path in Colombia and Latin America, continuing with the development of tailored solutions and new products in this huge world of data and technology.

Achieving this will allow us to continue innovating on those three fronts, bringing more and better opportunities for the people and the economy in our region.

Despite being a small company, we now see ourselves as a big and remarkable organization in the not so distant future. Trascender Global is not just me, a single person, but an idea made of all the dreams of people that somehow believe in us, and that force will continue to be developed even when we’re gone. Precisely, that’s what Trascender mean: to transcend. And you want to transcend with us? Feel free to share with us your thoughts, to share these words or even to join us in this pursuit.

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