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Trascender Global provides a high qualified BI team. They optimize your data and infrastructure, helping you execute plans and make quick, better decision-making by developing customized analytics and visualization tools.

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We create highly intuitive and user-friendly analytics and data visualization tools to monitor your company’s metrics or project metrics.

Our services go from developing advanced interactive information dashboards for real-time monitoring up to website integrations and mobile applications with automatic updates.

Suppose you wish to optimize your time to focus on your organization’s most valuable tasks and forget all those tedious and repetitive labors. In that case, we offer you BI solutions to automate any process that a machine could easily take care of.

Some daily tasks examples are sending emails, filling forms, authorizing process, generating invoices, and everything you can imagine. With our service, you will require just a simple click to execute them.

ETL processes constitute the integration of data between both software and hardware systems. Carrying out these processes correctly is essential in any scenario of analysis, visualization, or administration. We are experts in database creation and management and connectivity to diverse business systems ranging from ERPs to infrastructure cloud-based services created for data storage or flow.

In Trascender Global, we can undoubtedly help you with any data integration that involves extraction, transformation, and loading of data in pro of the Business Intelligence decision making. ​

The efficiency in your processes can determine the health of the company or organization. Our team helps you study and interpret any process information to know its status and create continuous improvement strategies.

The custom-made analysis implementing the advantages of Business Intelligence applies to organizations’ processes and complex problem-solving. We have the expertise to apply mathematics and combinatorial problem-solving in a wide range of algorithms and techniques such as linear programming. ​

These are the tools where we can assist you.


Our BI Portfolio

Our BI Portfolio

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Yes, of course, we have clients from all around the globe even with a big-time zone difference. We have clients in Australia, Switzerland, United States, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong, among others.

Well, you can either hire us directly or through any of the following platform: or UpWork.

  • To hire us directly, please write to or click here and fill the form so we can put in contact with you as soon as possible. We always guaranty the safety of your data, and we will never ask you for financial data.
  • To hire us through, click here and create an account or hire us if you already have one.
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We have different methods to receive payments,

  • A page here where you can make secure payments through ePayco using Mastercard, VISA and American Express credit cards. You can also pay with PayPal under that link.
  • Directly via PayPal
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Yes, we provide legal invoices no matter the payment method we agreed to use.

Yes. The UX (user experience) and the UI (user interface) purpose is the user to find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time while having a good and pleasant experience when using an app or visiting a website. We take care of giving the design that best suits your business, your audience, and your desire; so that you can visualize and exactly know what will be developed.

We have the best persons working with us; also, we have a portfolio here with success case studies for each line of business that you can give a look anytime.

Well, so far, almost our entire team is from Colombia, but we have people working with us in Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile and Spain; and we will add people from around the globe.

We can always add Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure agreements so you can be confident that your project or any private data is totally protected under the rules of the applicable countries and regions. Also, you can access our privacy policy available in the website footer.

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