Intelligent Virtual Assistant

IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) is a service that uses artificial intelligence technologies, such as computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), to create innovative solutions and automate processes within any organization. 

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What use cases does it have?

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Automate repetitive and administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, invoicing, and order tracking. 


Monitor real-time business operations and performance to optimize decisionmaking through images or video. 

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Improve customer support and customer service through chatbots and automated response systems with exceptional levels of intelligence. 


Analyze and process large volumes of data and documents quickly and accurately. 


Facilitate collaboration and communication between work teams through intelligent assistants. 


Extract critical information from conversations through audio transcription and speech analytics. 

Technologies and Partners

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How can you use this solution?

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Custom solution

We focus on understanding your specific challenges and requirements to develop customized artificial intelligence applications that perfectly fit your business. We work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, using our experience and expertise to design and develop the digital interface your business needs. 

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Staffing Solution

We have a team of highly trained and experienced designers, developers, and engineers. We can put at your disposal qualified resources in artificial intelligence and complementary roles of design, development, and web architecture to make that AI-powered application you have dreamed of having a reality. 

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Scalable solution

If you are looking for a pre-built solution to power your operations, learn about ours: 


ConversIA is an audio transcription and parameter analysis system that extracts critical information from telephone conversations. Its versatility ranges from evaluating call quality in Contact Centers to generating detailed summaries of conferences and meetings. 


Wellbot is a conversational virtual agent designed to interact and do onboarding with users of psychological platforms or clinics. Wellbot is an AI with extensive psychology and human behavior knowledge, capable of guiding your first users toward personalized mental health care. 

How much can it cost?

For customized solutions, AI developments and innovations can create a new product or a platform to automate existing processes. In both cases, prices and times may vary. However, we have the following crucial phases for each of them: 

  1. Solution discovery and design 
  2. Data Architecture 
  3. Modeling 
  4. Iteration 
  5. Production and scalability 
  6. Coupling with web development (optional) 


Complete development of an AI cloud application can take between 2 and 10 months and require an investment of 10,000 USD and 250,000 USD. As you can see, these are inclusive values, and in some instances, we can have proofs of concept of less than the minimum value or much more complex applications that double or triple the maximum value. We invite you to read our blog to learn more about how to estimate the investment of such a project here. 

For talent solutions, our teams of data science and data engineering professionals have rates starting at $45 per hour. Reach out to determine the team that best aligns with your needs. 

For our scalable solutions, ConversIA and Wellbot, learn more on their microsites. 

Meet with us

Explore at no cost what’s possible with Transcend Global! Schedule a call to discover how we can help you navigate your digital transformation, automation, and innovation journey with AI. 

Know our other services

Business intelligence and, in general, digital transformation can be enhanced by software development and artificial intelligence; learn about our other services: 

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Cloud Application Developer

analista inteligente de decisiones

Intelligent Decision Analyst

Which of our services should we talk about?

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