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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, and so many other tech terms are on everyone’s lips. They have become a relevant technological phenomenon, allowing both industries and academy to accomplish great advances in their process and research. But how can you benefit from them and make use of these technologies to boost your idea, initiative, or company? In Trascender Global, we can help you from several different approaches.


Statistics & Quantitative Analysis

We help you to create mathematical models to describe a system, a population, or an event, and be able to understand them.

We can design a complete experiment to recreate a system, or we can analyze the data that are produced from it to obtain valuable information and improve the decision-making process within organizations. Here we talk about applied science.

Artificial Intelligence

We want to bring artificial intelligence to everyone's reach; it's not all science fiction. We have experience and theoretical knowledge around virtual assistants, dialogue systems, computer vision, object recognition, natural language processing, digital signal processing and another AI subsets to reach the objective that better suits your needs.

From a simple chatbot to full automation of your inbound marketing process, with Artificial Intelligence, we can teach machines in such a way that simulate the decisions that a human being would take.

Predictive Analysis

From models that classify types of tumors and diagnose cancer based on histopathology images, up to sales and inventory prediction models that simulate the complex reality of an organization predicting sales or inventories.

With applied Machine and Deep Learning models, we can predict and classify really valuable information for your organization or system using the computational power that modern technology provides us.

Robot Process Automation

Do you have a large number of emails or paperwork to review and manage? Do you think that your tasks are hard to automate due to its massive volume and complex categorization?

Robot process automation (RPA) is any technology-oriented to the use of software with the aim of reducing human intervention in the use of computer applications, especially in repetitive tasks. With data science and artificial intelligence, we can automate making your business much more efficient and intelligent.

Web & Mobile Data Apps

Today it is already possible to convert almost 99% of ideas into web or mobile applications.

In Trascender Global, we can bring to life all those Data Science and Artificial Intelligence ideas or sketchs by converting them into something usable either in a web or mobile environment.

We have an extensive experience in agile development methodology and our AWS Cloud Services engineers are qualified to host and deploy that software development project.

RESTful API Services

Do you want to connect with data of any external application that you use in your organization? There are web services, commonly called REST/API, that allow the connection of two different web applications, being able to communicate with each other and send or read data.

Tell us which application you wish to connect with, or let us create the one that fits for your purpose.

Also, depending on your needs and the feasibility of it, we can read and extract data using web scraping techniques.

Data Science Portfolio

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