Voice cloning and speech-to-speech web application

voice cloning

We are passionate about developing futuristic ideas. We have found an opportunity to apply new technology and artificial intelligence to human voice and text with this project, specifically voice cloning. Due to the incredible growth of AI in the world, we can achieve milestones that a few years ago were thought impossible.

We started working with our client to create a healthcare solution with voice cloning in this specific case. The initial idea has grown so that the project has diversified into multiple solution ideas, aiming to develop voice cloning applications that can improve people’s quality of life.

How do we do clone voices? Is it safe?

We created a web application that allows cloning the human voice through artificial intelligence, generating conversations by transcribing the text or using your voice as input. The web interface, the AI, and its logic were all deployed using Amazon Web Services.

As with any technology, in the wrong hands, there can be wrongdoings. Voice cloning is associated with fake scandals and the threat of misinformation news. But this technology has great potential for outstanding and beneficial use. Our motivation is guided by the possibility of improving people’s health and quality of life. Therefore, we are very restrictive about the ethical use of this technology and are armored to prevent any problems. The web application is strictly restricted so that only a handful of qualified people can access its technology while customers access its results. The application can clone a voice extracted from videos or recordings, allowing the client to work with its patients uniquely and favorably for their health.

Do you know SIRI, Apple’s virtual assistant? Did you know it’s a voice bot?

Voice bots emerged in the 60s using a case-based reasoning model, this being a model that consists of solving new problems based on previous issues. We have created different “voice bots,” thanks to the gained expertise in this project. We can understand natural language in other languages, interact with various actors, work to automate processes through voice cloning, and provide advanced and personalized attention to customers.

Who can benefit from this?

We are open to any represents a technological challenge. Voice cloning applications offer solutions to an incredible variety of problems. From creating a voice for your company to developing private voice chats, this technology can help you, independent of the industry.

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