Truckload optimization interface

Truckload optimization interface

In the logistics of transporting products, several bottlenecks can make a company lose money; this can even cost you 15% of the total net profits, according to internet data. Our client wanted to optimize their truck loads; thus, we made a small program, which we called truckload optimization interface, embedded in a simple web application to automatically determine the quantities and how to store fruits and vegetables in their transport truck to solve this issue.

We used the standard obtained measures for the trucks and the pallets containing the fruits and vegetables. Then, according to the size of the trucks, we determine the number of fruits that can be transported without compromising their quality and using the maximum capacity defined by a linear programming system.

The importance of a web interface

Creating algorithms and data analytics or problem-solving is crucial but having an interface that allows the company to use those applications effectively is too. We’re perfectly aware of the importance of bringing easy-to-use and easy-to-distribute across an organization’s web and mobile interfaces, and this case was no exception. We deployed a simple web application with roles assignation using the Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing the employees to easily access the algorithm to optimize their truck loads in their daily operation.

How does it apply to your business?

This type of solution can be applied to different fields, thus achieving processes to visualize and treat data accurately, quickly, and with insights that allow timely decisions.

Business intelligence and data-driven decision making is the core of a digital transformation process, which consists of centralizing all data into one or a few cloud-based architectures called data warehouses or data lakes, equipped with software, databases, and other technology resources that will allow the creation of visualization tools that streamline process handling and data accessibility to all employees, including upper management. In this case, we applied such transformation, including web development, in a specific industry for a particular process, but it could also be yours. Have any ideas? Let’s Book a meeting to discuss and share ideas on how we can help you achieve that.

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