Live human recognition via CCTV

Live recognition via CCTV

Live image recognition is a subcategory of computer vision and artificial intelligence representing a set of methods for detecting and analyzing images. It allows the automation of specific tasks. Depending on the type of information or concept required, they can be performed with varying accuracy. Algorithms can detect a particular element, just as you can assign an image to a large category.

In this case, the industry with which Trascender Global had success working with was airport security, seeking to prevent accidents on conveyor belts through security cameras. You can read about another computer vision and live image recognition success case here.

How CCTV cameras reduce accidents at airports

For this project, we created and optimized an artificial vision model for recognizing people in unwanted places within an airport (baggage conveyor belts) using the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera system installed to increase safety and reduce accidents at the airport.

Typically, this implementation helps prevent accidents and protect the health of people transiting the facility by avoiding unnecessary emergencies with a quick response. In addition, these accidents entail high costs for airports, which can reduce on a large scale thanks to this implementation of artificial vision.

How does it apply to your business?

Providing services for the well-being and health of people is a significant priority in this new era, and we work to make them a reality. Remarkably, this development avoids accidents by quickly responding when recognizing risky situations. Therefore, industries with complex processes for workers can benefit from this type of development. For example, online methods inside factories, the maneuverability of hazardous instruments, heavy loads, and a thousand other implementations are possible.

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