Customer Relationship Management software system

Customer relationship management software

There are multiple challenges that a company faces when creating and automating efficient processes with large customer databases. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system gives a company a specialized tool that provides independence in handling customer data. CRMs also improve income statements’ speed response and save resources when planning, executing and adapting everyday work tasks.

Eventually, companies with technological adaptations that integrate automated processes will have a significant advantage in any market, avoiding outsourcing CRM platforms that lack the scope of a tailor-made system. Additionally, a private platform generates trust with the customer and seeks to improve the relationship with suppliers.

Your Customer Relationship Management software

To tackle the problem of managing large amounts of data and manual processes our client has to face in its daily operations, we created a specific CRM to record and manage the procedures and services associated with its customers. The CRM is a highly available system accessible via web and mobile that allows carrying documentation related to all processes and services.

In detail, we created a CRM for a company that handles accounting, tax, and insurance processes in the United States. The system allows keeping records of each client and the company’s services. It includes several modules and a document manager to enable them and their clients to save and share files in the cloud. All this with a built-in notification system for ease of use. It has web access for the company and a mobile application (for Android and iOS) for customers.

How does it apply to your business?

Any company that seeks to digitize its processes in search of efficiency and scalability and that, in turn, wants to eliminate informality between developments, payments, and customer information can benefit from a CRM and our expertise in building it. A CRM is one of the most demanded improvements globally in different industries. Some clear examples are the transfer of physical to digital medical records in hospitals, the grouping of economic processes of a company within the same accounting system, and fast and reliable communication with customers and investors, among many others.

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