Business and Artificial Intelligence for a Real Estate-based Startup

Business Intelligence and Automation for a Real Estate-based Startup

In this project, we are building three solutions simultaneously: The consolidation of the database of various sources with valuable data for the real estate sale, the creation of an AI model to predict the price and susceptibility of property purchases, and the development of a web application to manage and visualize data, the model and any related output for a real estate business located in the US.

From complex to simple

The structuring of data is often complex for a company. In real estate, what we are looking for is to offer an artificial intelligence capable of taking the sources of customer data to make a union between consumer and property. From the purchase, lease, and sale of homes to complex real estate projects, artificial intelligence uses these sources to create data storage, transform these, and finally infer the different cases a client selects. In addition to providing easy access to an entire company’s data, it uses it to predict buying behaviors and possible prices. As a result, it allows you to put yourself before making investment decisions and foresee possible business strategies. This becomes relevant when making financial and administrative decisions above competing companies, allowing them to take advantage of opportunities in the real estate market.

How does it apply to your business?

This development allows our customer to analyze data from various sources through easy-to-use data connectors. It offers powerful options for modeling and preparing data. In addition, it will enable anyone to structure, transform and clean your dataset for effective and easy analysis and reporting. More importantly, once the endowments are clean and transformed, they become helpful information so the company can infer results and anticipate investments. Artificial intelligence has no limits on which sector can be applied and is one of the world’s growth, investment, and development areas.

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