Automated Reporting for Business Decisions


Discover how Trascender Global became what it is today thanks to the reporting of Multifamily Insiders surveys. A project that laid the foundation for providing quality business intelligence and statistical analysis services.

Success Story

One of the founders of Trascender Global, Andrés Martiliano, worked exclusively with clients worldwide in the field of business intelligence, standard reporting, and statistical analysis before this project. The Multifamily Insiders survey reports, located in the United States, were the first building blocks that laid the foundation for what the company is today. Since 2014, we have delivered monthly reports on surveys that our clients conduct with residents and standard condominium and residential unit parts in the United States, offering various questions each month. These reports have been highly valued by our clients and have allowed us to expand our business intelligence and statistical analysis services globally.

Technologies Used:

  1. Data Processing and Analysis: Data collection has been complemented with data processing and analysis technologies. These tools have been essential for extracting valuable insights from the collected data and conducting detailed statistical analysis.
  2. Report Generation: High-quality report generation has been achieved through custom report generation tools. These technologies have allowed the creation of cohesive and visually appealing reports.
  3. Data Centralization: The ability to consolidate data from different sources has been essential in this project. Technology has been employed that enables the centralization of survey data into cohesive reports, facilitating a holistic view.
  4. Digital Transformation: This project represents a significant step in digital transformation. Data centralization and ease of access to information are key aspects of digital transformation in the business intelligence and statistical analysis industry.

Where It Can Be Used:

Reporting and statistical analysis have applications in various areas, including:

  • Business Intelligence: For companies looking to analyze key data and metrics for informed decision-making.
  • Consulting Services: Consultancies aiming to provide their clients with quality reports and analysis.
  • Community and Resident Management: Companies looking to better understand their customers and communities to improve satisfaction and decision-making.

How It Can Be Beneficial:

These solutions offer key benefits, such as:

  • Data Centralization: The ability to consolidate data from different sources into cohesive reports, facilitating a holistic view.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Provides metrics and analysis for data-driven decision-making based on real trends.
  • Effective Communication: Reports help companies communicate effectively with their clients and communities by providing valuable and diverse information.
  • Digital Transformation: This technology is essential for digital transformation by centralizing data and facilitating information access.

If you’re looking to transform your business or embark on a similar project, consider scheduling a meeting to explore how this technology can help you achieve it.

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