PowerApps management application for on-site requests

19. PowerApps management application for on-site requests

For this project, we developed a complete application in the Microsoft Power Platform environment for a multinational fertilizer company, specifically a PowerApps management application for on-site requests. Within their production plants, employees usually had to request repairs/replacements to equipment. This process became very extensive, as each application had to be reviewed and approved by a group of supervisors (approximately 30 times). The whole process was developed using email. The information was utterly crazy and scattered in the workers’ inboxes.

Microsoft Power Platform as a digital transformation effective solution

Our team developed a role-based platform using Microsoft PowerApps. This application allowed users to log in to a specific menu assigned to their role. Then, they could create an application and submit it for approval. The application fully managed the workflow for the request. Thus, each time a supervisor approved the application, it was sent to the next supervisor for review. All request-related information was stored and retrieved by the application using SharePoint lists. In the end, employees could track and extract history for a specific request and print it in PDF through an integration with Microsoft Power Automate.

With this application, we make it easier for companies to optimize processes that are usually long and repetitive.

How does it apply to your business?

This type of solution can be applied to different fields, thus achieving applications to treat data accurately, quickly, and with insights that allow timely decisions on top of the whole process automation.

Business intelligence and data-driven decision making is the core of a digital transformation process, which consists of centralizing all data into one or a few cloud-based architectures called data warehouses or data lakes, equipped with software, databases, and other technology resources that will allow the creation of visualization tools that streamline process handling and data accessibility to all employees, including upper management.

In this case, we applied such transformation, including application and interface development, in a specific industry for a particular process, but it could also be yours. Have any ideas? Let’s Book a meeting to discuss and share ideas on how we can help you achieve that.

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