NLP application for the automated generation of questions and answers

NLP application for the automated generation of questions and answers

Creating questions is common for teachers, professors, interviewers, and others. These need to be unique and specific and might change slightly with time to avoid students/professionals cheating or memorizing answers. Yet creating questions, however relevant, is hard stuff. Illustrating relevant topics, being concise, stating something as straightforward as possible; however, complex an idea might be, and many other challenges are faced when producing this type of content.

However, can you imagine if we could generate automatic questions using AI only with a base text? This application uses an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) program that interprets a vast databank of millions of questions where it learns to produce questions independent of the topic. Suggest wording, keywords, and even central ideas, all in seconds.

We create an automatic question generator

In this project, we created a web application that worked as a proof of concept and whose objective is the generation of questions and answers based on a text that the user enters. This is achieved through an artificial intelligence model built using BERT, a powerful natural language processing model from Google.

Where could it be helpful to you?

Interviewers, teachers, professors, and lawyers can generate high-value questions only using a simple text format. The idea is to save some time formulating the questions and instead invest in invalidating them and improving them if necessary. Such automated generation of questions and answers could be helpful in training programs, internal assessments, or even company chatbots.

NLP is improving at such scales that the results are getting significantly better. Moreover, everything mentioned before has the added value that allows creating surveys out of this application, which is nowadays common practice in almost every industry to learn from customer reviews.

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