Multifamily Insiders survey reports

Multifamily Insiders Survey Reports

The Multifamily insiders’ survey reports are the project that laid the foundation of what’s Trascender Global today. Want to know more? Enter a take a look.

Success story

Before Trascender Global, only Andres worked with some clients worldwide doing business intelligence, standard reporting, and statistical analysis. This project, the Multifamily Insiders survey reports, represents those first blocks of work that laid the foundation to build what we’re now. Since 2014, we have delivered monthly reports on surveys our client do to residents and parties of condominiums and standard residential units in the United States; these surveys vary their questions monthly.

The relevance of the Multifamily Insiders survey reports

The surveys are analyzed by descriptive statistics and easy-to-understand charts and metrics that assess different aspects and topics important for the parties involved in these residential units. The reports are PDF documents built upon Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerBI analysis and charts with data extracted and transformed from the stored SQL databases. Data is acquired through separate web interfaces and stored in the databases mentioned.

The reports have helped our clients to engage with their clients and community by bringing valuable and various insights into their industry, boosting better decision-making.

How does it apply to your business?

This type of report can be applied to different fields, thus achieving processes to visualize data accurately, quickly, and with insights that allow timely decisions.

Business intelligence and data-driven decision making is the core of a digital transformation process, which consists of centralizing all data into one or a few cloud-based architectures called data warehouses or data lakes, equipped with software, databases, and other technology resources that will allow the creation of visualization tools that streamline process handling and data accessibility to all employees, including upper management.

In this case, we applied such transformation in a specific industry for a particular process, but it could also be yours. Have any ideas? Let’s Book a meeting to discuss and share ideas on how we can help you achieve that.

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