Logistics Optimization with BI and AI Solutions


Discover how Vantage, a company specializing in supply chain consulting and technological solutions, resolved its data management and internal analysis challenges with the help of Trascender Global. Initially, Vantage faced difficulties in visualizing key metrics and unifying reports in their decision-making process. Trascender Global developed custom software that allowed the company to have a reliable data source and unified reports, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their operations. Subsequently, a collaboration continued to develop artificial intelligence-based solutions that optimize demand forecasting and product categorization, using the existing Data Warehouse and advanced data analysis techniques.

Success Story

Vantage, a leader in supply chain consulting, faced two key challenges. They lacked a reporting system to visualize important metrics in their unified Data Warehouse. Trascender Global designed custom software that generated reports focused on relevant metrics, improving decision-making and internal consistency. Additionally, they had multiple scattered analyses in each area, making accuracy and joint review of numbers challenging. A system was developed that unified all the information into a single report, improving accuracy and internal collaboration. Impressed with the results, Vantage and Trascender Global collaborate again to optimize demand forecasting and product categorization with an AI-based system. This will enable informed strategic decisions and enhance competitive advantage.

Technologies Used

  1. Data Warehouse: Vantage utilizes a Data Warehouse, which is a fundamental part of data management and analysis. A Data Warehouse is a technology used for the consolidation, storage, and management of enterprise data.
  2. Business intelligence reporting and automation solutions: We developed customized software that facilitates the creation of reports focused on crucial metrics and automates office processes, thus optimizing decision making and strengthening internal consistency. This tailor-made adaptation responds specifically to Vantage’s demands and needs, reaffirming the importance of tailor-made software solutions in the business environment..

Where It Can Be Used?

The solutions developed by Trascender Global have applications in various industries, including:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics: For companies facing challenges in data management and internal analysis in their supply chain.
  • Business Consulting: Consulting firms looking to improve the quality and accuracy of reports for their clients and optimize decision-making.
  • Technology Industry: Companies seeking to leverage advanced data analysis techniques and AI-based analysis to improve operational efficiency.

How It Can Be Beneficial?

These solutions offer key benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced Visualization of Key Metrics: The implementation of custom software solutions improves the visualization of important metrics, facilitating data-informed decision-making.
  • Report Unification: The developed solutions unify scattered reports, improving accuracy and internal collaboration, especially in companies with multiple areas of analysis.
  • Competitive Advantage: Leveraging AI techniques and advanced data analysis allows for demand prediction and improved product categorization, providing a competitive edge in the supply chain and logistics.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Optimization of supply and demand management, as well as product categorization, leads to significant improvements in operational efficiency.

If you are looking to overcome similar challenges in the supply chain and achieve significant results, consider meeting with us and prepare for a transformation in logistics and operational management.

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