Airport Safety: CCTV Recognition with AI


Discover how aviation security has reached new heights through live recognition via CCTV. Our innovative real-time image recognition solution has revolutionized security in various industries, with a particular focus on preventing accidents on baggage conveyor belts at airports.

Success Story

Trascender Global has transformed security at airports by implementing advanced real-time image recognition technology. Our computer vision and artificial intelligence software enable precise image detection and analysis, automating specific tasks and reducing risks on conveyor belts. Our algorithms efficiently categorize images, giving us a competitive advantage in the airport security sector. We are proud of our success and remain committed to innovation and enhancing security across all industries.

Technologies Used

  1. Real-Time Recognition: Real-time recognition technology is based on CCTV camera systems and uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect and analyze images in real time.
  2. Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence: These technologies allow for precise detection and analysis of images in real time. Artificial intelligence algorithms efficiently categorize images, which is crucial for people detection and accident prevention.

Where It Can Be Used?

Our real-time recognition solution has a significant impact on various industries:

  1. Aviation Industry: We have optimized an artificial vision model to detect people in restricted areas at airports using CCTV cameras. This has prevented accidents on conveyor belts and improved overall security at airports, reducing costs and risks.
  2. High-Risk Industries: Computer vision technologies are ideal for hazardous or high-traffic environments such as factories and industrial facilities. They contribute to accident prevention and the protection of employees and visitors.

How It Can Be Useful?

Our implementation of computer vision has enhanced security at airports by preventing accidents on baggage conveyor belts. This has reduced the risks of costly emergencies and increased operational efficiency at airports. This technology not only protects people’s health and safety but also saves significant resources.

Who Needs These Developments?

Computer vision solutions are essential for companies looking to improve safety in hazardous or high-traffic environments. Whether in the aviation, manufacturing, or any other sector, CCTV cameras and computer vision are effective tools for accident prevention. At Trascender Global, we are committed to providing efficient security solutions that improve the quality of life and protect people.

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