iScribo: Spanish grammar and language proofreader

iScribo: Spanish grammar and language proofreader

iScribo is a progressive web application with integrated artificial intelligence that will improve Spanish grammar, vocabulary, tone, and fluency. This AI language assistant can help you write better in Spanish, similar to what Grammarly does in English. Our client seeks to help anyone not only improve their Spanish but feel confident customers have a quality text.

This application intends to help non-native people with the Spanish language improve their grammar comprehension even natives develop a more effective way of the language.

Where could iScribo be used?

The concept of iScribo can be used for grammatical corrections in various languages. Likewise, several of its features, such as paraphrasing, generation, and word processing, can also be used in multiple languages for applications such as chatbots, automatic word processors, and intelligent virtual assistants. The logic behind it works with the AI model. This is important to clarify because all the added inputs to the app teach the model-new stuff, making it more intelligent daily.

Where can this app be useful?

Anywhere someone is writing in Spanish, from professionals to students, from young to elder, from writing a thesis to writing a letter or an email. Possibilities are endless. You’re invited to join and test it for yourself here. Do you see a specific usage for language corrector artificial intelligence models, perhaps marketing and sales-related processes? Then, book a meeting with us to discuss how we can help you digitally transform using applied technology to language.

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