Fighting Ad Fraud with Business Intelligence


Discover how Content Hound, a leading company in content management and digital marketing strategies, tackled the challenge of safeguarding their clients’ reputation and optimizing their advertising investments by preventing legitimate advertising from appearing on fraudulent pirate sites. In collaboration with Trascender Global, they developed a multidisciplinary approach and used advanced technologies to swiftly identify pirate sites and enhance the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Success Story

The advertising supply chain of global providers such as Google is affected by the fraudulent appearance of its authentic advertising on pirate websites. This situation damaged the company’s image and compromised the efficiency of its advertising campaigns. To solve this problem, Content Hound formed a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with Transcender Global and implemented different technologies.

The first step involved extracting relevant information from identified pirate sites using the SimilarWeb API. This tool provided unstructured data on page traffic over a period of time. Monthly analysis was performed, and information from the past year was gathered to determine the traffic for each page. This data was stored in an analytics database designed specifically for the project.

In the second step, the data extracted from SimilarWeb was loaded into the OLAP database. This database enabled multidimensional analysis and data segmentation to identify relevant patterns and trends.

The third step entailed the work of a multidisciplinary team applying advanced data analysis and data mining techniques within the OLAP database. These techniques were used to detect authentic advertising and identify potential pirate sites displaying fraudulent ads. The primary goal was to protect intellectual property and tackle piracy at its root by affecting the revenue sources that allowed these pirate sites to operate.

Finally, reports were generated in collaboration with the client to assess and demonstrate the project’s effectiveness, ensuring transparency in operations and the results obtained.

Technologies Used:

  1. SimilarWeb API: The SimilarWeb API was employed to extract relevant information from identified pirate sites. This tool provides unstructured data about web page traffic over a specified time, which is crucial for analyzing the behavior of these sites. The applicability of this technology extends to identifying fraudulent websites in various industries.
  2. Analytical Database: A specific analytics database was designed for the project, allowing efficient storage and processing of data collected from SimilarWeb. This technology is applicable for the management and analysis of large volumes of data, benefiting industries that require effective data storage for analysis.
  3. OLAP Database: The data extracted from SimilarWeb was loaded into an OLAP database, enabling multidimensional analysis and data segmentation. This technology is particularly useful for identifying patterns and trends in data, relevant in detecting pirate sites in the advertising industry.
  4. Advanced Data Analysis and Data Mining Techniques: Advanced data analysis and data mining techniques were applied within the OLAP database by a multidisciplinary team to detect authentic advertising and potential pirate sites. These techniques are applicable in industries that require the identification of patterns and behaviors in large data sets for informed decision-making.

Where It Can Be Used? Benefited Industries

The fight against advertising fraud can be applied across various industries, including:

  1. Advertising and Digital Marketing: The advertising and digital marketing industry greatly benefits from preventing advertising fraud. Protecting investments and ensuring that ads reach their target audience is essential for campaign success.
  2. Media and Publishing: Media and publishing companies can use anti-fraud strategies to ensure their ads do not appear on pirate websites, which can harm their reputation and relationships with advertisers.
  3. E-commerce and Retail: E-commerce and retail companies can prevent their ads from being displayed on fraudulent websites selling counterfeit or low-quality products, protecting their brand and sales.
  4. Technology and Software: Technology and software companies can employ anti-fraud strategies to ensure their ads do not appear on sites distributing pirated software or malware.

How It Can Be Beneficial?

Implementing anti-fraud advertising strategies offers the following benefits:

  • Reputation Protection: Prevent your brand from being associated with pirate or fraudulent websites, safeguarding your reputation.
  • Optimization of Advertising Investments: Ensure your ads reach the right audience, maximizing return on investment.
  • Advertising Efficiency: By eliminating ads on fraudulent sites, you optimize your campaigns and enhance the efficiency of your resources.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Combat piracy and safeguard your intellectual property by preventing your ads from being displayed on sites that infringe copyright.

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