Microsoft Teams chatbot to manage reward systems

Bot Application in Microsoft Teams

Employee Reward and Recognition Systems allow a company to increase productivity and generate a meaningful emotional connection between the company and workers. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Facebook have implemented this model after showing that it enriches the organizational culture and improves the internal environment of their employees. However, managing such systems can be quite troublesome if the operational process is not addressed using technology. Here is where a Microsoft Teams chatbot enters play.

Our automated rewards system

To solve that problem, we created a functional application in the Microsoft Teams environment that allows the complete administration of a reward program for employees and collaborators made by our client. The application functions as a chatbot capable of registering, consulting, and redeeming the reward program activities and prices.

In this project, the gained experience with that client served us to replicate the chatbot in our reward system using our brand and core values. On top of that, the addition of artificial intelligence and the ability to have a data and software architecture replicable to any other company’s reward system led to creating our first product.

With this chatbot, we solve the difficulty involved in applying the digital transformation process to traditional or intangible organizational concepts, such as, in this case, the corporate culture and the reward to employees.

How does it apply to your business?

Following that idea, you could also create an application in office environments to promote organizational culture and teamwork, seeking to generate a stronger connection between employee and employer by employing technology. That application could also be a chatbot or a web interface that allows employees to interact under your company’s strategies or processes, leaning toward employee engagement.

So, the options are there; any ideas to work together? Book a meeting with us and share your thoughts 🙂

Client Review

“Great experience working with the team and consistently high-quality results over the time we worked together. I would work again with Transcended Global in the future.”

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