Business Intelligence and Automation for a Hospitality-based Startup

Business Intelligence and Hospitality-Based Startup Automation

Human error in data extraction often generates rework within the management of information. This project focused on applying business intelligence and automation applications allowing data to be extracted, cleaned, structured, and stored automatically, thus making the information available for analysis, visualization, and prediction while ensuring integrity and governance. We selected the tools used for the applications from Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It provides various cloud services, including computing, analytics, storage, and networking.

Error-free data extraction is possible!

In this project, the complete automation of the flow of data of hotel chains is being built from the moment information is generated, transferred, and treated automatically to be hosted in a SQL database for later visualization in tools such as Power BI. Power BI is a collection of software services, applications, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

The data flows through a collection of on-premises and cloud-based hybrid data stores that comply with data governance and security standards. In addition, the client manages to connect hotels with users, providing a technological platform to know the occupation.

We’ve also created agile applications that automate specific processes involving data loading or input using the Microsoft Power Platform besides the described data architecture to have insightful visualizations.

How does it apply to your business?

The project and the solution here stated and developed works with hotel services. However, any service provider could be promoted, illustrating detailed information on the platform, and providing easy access for anyone in the organization by applying business intelligence. We believe all companies would benefit from this development where business intelligence services, reporting, and applications to automate processes are integrated into a unique product that leverages those companies’ operations.

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