Improving quality of life with EMG and AI Signals


Can you imagine predicting hand movements using muscle signals? In this article, we present how we built a classification and prediction model using EMG signals. This allowed us to develop an academic prosthetic solution.

Success Story

This project has not only been an achievement for our community but has also had a significant impact on scientific research related to the musculoskeletal system. It involved the processing and analysis of EMG signals, specifically Electromyography, to create an AI model capable of accurately predicting muscle movements based on these signals. This innovation has led to the development of specialized prosthetics for individuals and has advanced the field of degenerative muscle disease diagnosis, improving the quality of life for affected patients.

Technologies Used:

  1. EMG Signals: EMG signals are used to record the electrical activity of muscles. These signals are crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative muscle diseases.
  2. AI Model: An AI model has been developed to interpret EMG signals and accurately predict associated muscle movements.
  3. Application in Medicine and Health: This advancement has significant applications in medicine and health. It not only contributes to medical research related to degenerative muscle diseases but also enables the development of personalized prosthetics, significantly improving people’s lives.

Where It Can Be Used

This advancement in interpreting EMG signals has applications in various industries, primarily highlighting:

  1. Health and Medicine: EMG signals are fundamental in the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative muscle diseases. Our AI model contributes not only to medical research in this field but has also paved the way for the development of personalized prosthetics that significantly improve the lives of people with motor disabilities.
  2. Scientific Research: This project has raised the standard in research related to the musculoskeletal system. The ability to predict muscle movement from EMG signals opens new doors for understanding biomechanics and human physiology. Scientists can use these advances for more in-depth studies on muscle function and human performance.

Why Are EMG Signals Important?

EMG signals have a significant impact not only on human movement but also on degenerative muscle diseases. Studying EMG signals and creating AI models capable of interpreting and making predictions about them can help in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle diseases and the creation of specialized prosthetics for individuals. With this project, we hope to contribute to the growth of scientific research related to the musculoskeletal system and improve the quality of life for individuals who may suffer from associated diseases. Click here to see how a similar case study was also applied to improving human health and quality of life.

Who Would Benefit from These Developments?

Developing solutions for medicine is one of the areas in which Trascender Global specializes. We have biomedical engineers who have studied computer science for AI implementation projects. We believe that these projects not only contribute to the medical world but also to the general well-being of people and therefore, it’s something we like to get involved in. Getting involved in medical developments can be complex because it requires not only technical understanding from the computational side but also professionals who can understand the theory behind the development. We believe that any company looking for AI development for the benefit of health would benefit from working with us. If you want to learn more, we invite you to visit the following on AI and prosthetics.

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