Classification and prediction model based on EMG signals

Classification and prediction model based on EMG signals

This project has a great sense of community and a beautiful purpose. It consisted of the analysis of muscle signals to predict their movements. More specifically, the processing and filtering of EMG (Electromyography) signals were required to create an AI model that accurately predicts the muscle movement causing a signal. The entire AI model was implemented in a prototype prosthesis for academic purposes and is currently being developed. Projects like this drive the whole Trascender Global team to perform better.

Why are EMG signals necessary?

The study of EMG signals and creating AI models capable of interpreting and predicting them significantly impact human movement and degenerative muscle diseases. Therefore, this project is expected to contribute to the growth of scientific research related to the musculoskeletal system and improve patients’ quality of life who may suffer from associated diseases.

In terms of health, we find through this project the possibility of providing medical support in diagnosing degenerative muscle diseases also allows the creation of specialized prostheses for people.

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How does it apply to your business?

This development of solutions for medicine is one of the areas in which Trascender Global specializes. We have biomedical engineers who have studied computer science for implementation projects in artificial intelligence. Not only do we believe that these projects contribute to the medical world, but the general well-being of people, and therefore it is something we like to get involved with.

Getting involved in medical developments can be complex since it requires a technical understanding from the computational side and professionals who can understand the theory behind the development. Therefore, we believe that any company looking for AI development for health would benefit from working with us. Are you one of those? Book a meeting with us and share your ideas on how we could help you.

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