AI model based on ERG signals for eye diseases early diagnosis

A disease prediction model based on ERG signals

The diagnosis of eye diseases prevails globally in large proportions without sufficient investment, although these diseases (according to the WHO) are preventable in more than 80% of people. This makes them an unnecessary risk factor, and we must fight for their prevention on a global scale.

We can help prevent eye problems

A model developed in Keras can predict whether a patient will suffer from congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB), pigmented retinitis type 1 to 3 (RPi), or if the patient has no signs of presenting eye diseases throughout his life. The model uses the patient signal and primary demographic data from an electroretinogram (ERG) exam.

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This development of solutions for medicine is one of the areas in which Trascender Global specializes. Getting involved in medical products can be complex since it requires a technical understanding from the computational side and professionals who can understand the theory behind the medical problem. We have biomedical engineers who have studied computer science to implement such projects in artificial intelligence. We believe these projects contribute to the medical world and the general well-being of people and therefore are projects in which we like to be part.

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