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Digital transformation has changed the way customers shop online. Instead of going to a physical store, customers prefer to search for and purchase products from the comfort of their homes. However, with the vast number of options available online, customers often feel overwhelmed and struggle to find the products they are looking for.

This is where Trascender Global’s AI-based recommendation system comes into play. This system helps customers optimize their search processes, increasing the likelihood of finding the desired product and ultimately boosting company sales.

Success Story

This recommendation system has proven to be a success in the architecture industry, as confirmed by the Spanish company Bol Bol Arquitectura. By implementing this solution in its e-commerce virtual store, the company has successfully streamlined its customers’ search processes, allowing them to easily find the products they need through images or photographs shared on social media, the internet, or even in other stores.

The recommendation system can suggest specific or similar products, significantly reducing the unnecessary time spent on searches that might lead customers to decide not to make a purchase.

Technologies Used

  1. AI-Based Recommendation System: This system uses AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and product characteristics to recommend specific or similar products. It relies on machine learning to continuously enhance its recommendations.
  2. Digital Transformation: Digital transformation is a key process that has changed the way customers shop online. It has led to the digitization of business processes and the use of advanced technology, such as recommendation systems, to improve the customer experience.
  3. Image and Photo Analysis: The system relies on the ability to analyze images and photographs shared on social media, the internet, and other stores. This allows customers to find products through visual content.

Where It Can Be Used?

This innovative AI-based recommendation system can be applied across various industries, including:

  • E-commerce: For online stores looking to enhance the shopping experience for their customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Architecture and Design: For businesses in the sector that want to make it easier for their customers to search for products or find inspiration through images and photographs.
  • Textiles, Food, and Technology: Businesses that sell a wide range of products and want to streamline the search process for their customers.

How It Can Be Useful?

This AI-based recommendation system offers significant benefits, such as:

  • Optimizing Search Processes: Customers can easily find the products they need through images or photographs shared on social media, the internet, or even in other stores, reducing search time and frustration.
  • Specific and Similar Recommendations: The system can recommend specific or similar products, increasing the likelihood of conversion and preventing customers from abandoning their search.
  • Product Trends: It helps identify trending products through the images continually posted by users, which can be useful for the production of new products.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: It makes it easy for customers to search for products intuitively and quickly, resulting in an improved shopping experience.

At Trascender Global, we are committed to the digital transformation of businesses. If you’re looking to take your sales or e-commerce process to the next level, feel free to schedule a free meeting to transform your virtual store with our AI-based recommendation system.

What Our Customer Says About Their Experience:

“Trascender Global is a very professional company. They met all the goals we requested in the proposal and completed each part of the work on the agreed date. Communication was smooth and easy. They have been very flexible and adapted to our pace and needs. Special thanks to Laura, who has been our contact throughout the process. We highly recommend working with them, as we will in the future.”

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