AI-based recommendation system for e-commerce

Machine Vision-Based e-Commerce Recommendation System

This application is a recommendation system that could change the way of doing E-commerce. It helps clients on digital commerce platforms to optimize their search processes. An example of how this technology can benefit a company is when customers enter one of its stores and are looking for a specific product of which they have images or photographs of what is in their mind. The application can recommend particular products or those that are more similar. It solves unnecessary searches that correlate with the customer deciding not to buy.

Optimization of search processes in digital purchases

This project was a proof of concept. We deployed an API using AWS (information access point) to recommend articles (products) like the input image provided, either in a standard image format or a URL. The recommendations are generated from a model trained with the items available in the customer’s digital commerce. This object recognition system is a pilot to have digital shops where customers can find what they are looking for through an image.

How does it apply to your business?

Our client used this proof of concept in a furniture store, where customers came with the items they had seen on their social media accounts, on the internet, on TV, or even in other shops. The technology was able to find all the products that had similar characteristics. Furthermore, any other business that handles product sales, whether it requires the customer to search for specific products or the employees themselves must locate an item, can find technology like this helpful for their business. Sales and customer service processes in textiles, food, technology, and many more industries are welcome to try.

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