Data visualization for a Shared Economy Startup

Data visualization for a Shared Economy Startup

Being able to measure the performance of a startup allows CEOs to deliver value reports to potential investors and also improve their internal processes; in a world where 3.1 million startups are created per month, according to, the competition is increasingly complex, so we pose as a critical partner by helping implement business intelligence and data-driven processes to startups worldwide.

Data visualization for a Shared Economy Startup

In this project, we created the data model and visualization necessary to generate a series of reports describing a startup’s performance in the shared economy and automotive industry. All pieces are being worked on in Microsoft PowerBI, using PowerQuery to create the data model from the information in SQL. The reporting is completed by working with the company’s CEO to ensure the metrics are the ones the stakeholders and his team require to see to ensure accountability and increase performance.

How does it apply to your business?

This type of solution can be applied to different fields, thus achieving applications to treat data accurately, quickly, and with insights that allow timely decisions on top of the whole process automation.

Business intelligence and data-driven decision making is the core of a digital transformation process, which consists of centralizing all data into one or a few cloud-based architectures called data warehouses or data lakes, equipped with software, databases, and other technology resources that will allow the creation of visualization tools that streamline process handling and data accessibility to all employees, including upper management.

In this case, we applied such transformation in a specific industry for a particular purpose, but it could also be adequate for you. Have any ideas? Let’s Book a meeting to discuss and share ideas on how we can help you achieve that.

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