Centralized operations with customized CRM


Discover how the development of a custom CRM by Trascender Global has transformed business management in the accounting sector of the United States. This article explores how a tailored CRM can boost independence in customer data management, optimize task planning and execution, build trust with clients, and strengthen relationships with suppliers.

Success Story:

Our collaboration with the US-based accounting company Cabrera Business resulted in the creation of a specific CRM that overcame the challenges of managing large volumes of data and manual processes in their operations department. This CRM allowed the company to efficiently and scalably record and manage processes and services related to their clients. Additionally, it integrates modules and a document manager that facilitates cloud-based file storage and sharing for each client. The customized mobile app improved communication and relationships with suppliers, marking a significant success in optimizing their operations.

Development of a Custom CRM System:

The use of a custom CRM brings substantial benefits to companies looking to improve their efficiency and scalability. In the case of Cabrera Business, the accounting CRM streamlined their response in tax declarations, improving overall efficiency and productivity. The tailored platform also built trust with clients and strengthened relationships with suppliers.

Technologies Used:

  1. Relational Database: CRMs typically use relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server to store customer data, transactions, activities, and other related records.
  2. JavaScript Technologies: To develop the CRM interface, web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used, specifically the Vue.JS framework. To integrate the CRM with its logic, other applications and services, APIs and web services are used. APIs that in this case were built using Laravel.
  3. Cloud Services: This project complies with our cloud standards and policies for security, elasticity and scalability. In this specific case, we deployed the application using AWS services.

Where It Can Be Used?

This type of custom CRM development finds applications in various industries:

  1. Accounting and Finance: The digitization of accounting, tax, and insurance processes is becoming increasingly essential globally. A custom CRM is an effective solution to enhance management in this sector, allowing for precise tracking of financial and customer information.
  2. Legal Sector: Law firms and legal practices can leverage a custom CRM to manage cases, client tracking, and document management, improving efficiency and organization.
  3. Professional Services Companies: Consultancies, marketing agencies, and other service businesses can use a custom CRM to manage projects, clients, and resources more effectively, increasing productivity and client satisfaction.
  4. Industries with Complex Processes: Any company with complex business processes requiring detailed tracking and organization can benefit from a custom CRM. This includes project management, inventory tracking, and more.

How It Can Be Useful?

A custom CRM allows:

  • Independence in Data Management: Facilitates the organization and access to critical customer information.
  • Time Savings: Optimizes task planning and execution, leading to greater efficiency.
  • Building Trust: Builds client trust by providing more agile and personalized service.
  • Improving Supplier Relations: Facilitates communication and collaboration with business partners.

At Trascender Global, we are committed to providing customized solutions that adapt to changing technological needs and improve our clients’ productivity.

Schedule a meeting with us and discover how we can help you identify automation opportunities and create tailored solutions for your company. If you want to learn more about our digitization process, you can read more here.

What was the customer’s experience working with us?

“Our experience with Trascender Global has been unique. We are very happy with their work over the past year and a half and look forward to them continuing to help us create our web and mobile applications.”

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