Automated text analysis using Artificial Intelligence

Automated text analysis using Artificial Intelligence

Extracting the critical data from and central ideas of a text can become time-consuming. This is particularly true for companies that produce written content. At Trascender Global, we developed a web application for automated text analysis, allowing our clients to achieve this by entering a topic embedded in raw text.

This application uses an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) program that interprets a huge databank and recommends titles, keywords, and even central ideas of a given text in seconds. The result has been astonishing and will continue to be as NLP evolve and improve. The web interface, the AI, and logic were all deployed using Amazon Web Services.

Why can automated text analysis be helpful?

Imagine that you are conducting research, creating a story, or simply producing written content for marketing and social media. First, you must make more than 1,000,000 written words, a tedious job even in times of inspiration. Then, imagine an application that can give ideas for titles and create new original content out of the bloom.

Amazing! Directly you can jump to a more advanced stage, where you edit your text, and guess what? This same app can suggest rephrasing paragraphs, amplifying your vocabulary, and eliminating redundancies. Such an application will be handy for reports, research, and fieldwork in so many different areas of industry. Want more examples? What if, with similar technology, you can extract ideas, keywords, and even copies of that raw text to have content planning for your social media or any other sales-related process? Book a meeting with us to discuss how we can help you digitally transform using applied technology to language.

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