Automated biogenic health reports

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In the healthcare industry, the agility to reach patient information and databases is usually quite delayed since we are talking about databases of enormous sizes that are difficult to maintain. We know this difficulty and have helped different organizations in the industry overcome such a problem through digital transformation and the application of business intelligence and software development. In this case, we created an application to increase the capacity to react to health issues by connecting patients’ data sources with automated biogenic health reports, thus allowing our client to make a better and more informed decision about their patients.

Monthly generation of health and biogenic reports

More specifically, we created an application using Google Workspaces tools to automate the monthly generation of reports on the health and biogenic of a group of users whose information is consolidated through different APIs.

These health reports allow the client to consolidate data through structured databases, helping them with analytics and personalized visualization for themselves and their patients. This is to gain quick and agile access to patients’ data to create better health plans and improve their quality of life.

Healthcare continues to be an industry in constant improvement

We are passionate about improving people’s health; that’s why projects like this become our priority and are of most significant interest when we can work on them. Moreover, thanks to this application, we can create automated reporting systems with consolidation and save a large amount of data in solid, secure, and highly scalable structures using Google Workspace and any of the most reliable cloud providers.

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