Live Fruit Image Recognition

Live fruit image recognition

Live image recognition is a subcategory of computer vision and artificial intelligence representing a set of methods for detecting and analyzing images. Therefore, allowing the automation of specific tasks. Depending on the information or concept required, they can be performed with varying accuracy. Algorithms can detect a particular element, just as you can assign an image to a large category. The industry in which Trascender Global had success working was agriculture, but it projected an excellent future for other markets.

Developing a live fruit image recognition system with a camera

At the agricultural level, the harvest index is one of the fundamental variables necessary to measure the economic yield of production (number of fruits) from the percentage of the biological outcome and the degree of maturity of the fruit. However, knowing these numbers is usually complicated because it requires a human count, estimates that depend on many chaotic variables and resources, leading to decision-making with incomplete or erroneous information. 

To solve this problem, we created a fruit classification model from computer vision methods that recognize apples through a live camera feed knowing their location and coordinates, thus optimizing the harvesting process. The camera installed in a robot allows locating the fruits in their respective crops probing this to be a dynamic automated system. Our model gave us incredible results related to accuracy in numbers and response speed with a meager error rate.

How does it apply to your business?

This technology offers a bright future in the agricultural sector. It can be used in mass crops, facilitates accurate counts, prevents loss of fruits/vegetables/legumes, saves resources when carrying out repetitive and tedious tasks for the farmer, and promotes technological improvement in general agriculture. Furthermore, this technology can grow significantly for harvesting fruits at the maturity level needed for export with the right equipment.

However, it is not limited to the agricultural sector. Industries that need to recognize objects through fast and accurate selection processes through video or images can benefit from this technology. For example, in marketing, enabling a recognition that a shelf is occupied with some product is becoming increasingly valuable. It also applies to wineries, supermarkets, warehouses, and distributors of products.

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