What does Trascender Global do?

Trascender Global is a company that makes life easier for organizations and companies through innovation and digital transformation. We work together with our clients under an entrepreneurial mindset to implement products and services with cutting-edge technology.

Organizations want to keep growing and have to innovate constantly. That’s why we don’t just provide temporary solutions. Instead, we offer the possibility of creating a partnership to overcome future situations, break any limits and grow constantly using technology. That is what we call Transcending.

Trascender Global focus is on using business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and software engineering for the optimization of corporate processes through automation, the elimination of repetitive tasks, the creation of highly available and secure applications and interfaces, the implementation of adequate data structures, and the coupling of these technologies with the business objectives of our clients.

Our path has helped us to strengthen ourselves in different technological fields. We continue to update the knowledge and experience of our teams always to provide the most appropriate solutions in the fields of knowledge in the changes we focus on.

We like to get involved with people and organizations to have a clear idea of ​​what they want, fostering continuous collaboration. As a result, we are not only a productive team; our mentality is based on mutual growth and what we could call a business symbiosis.

Behind the scenes at beyond

The Organization

Trascender Global was born from the shared dream among all organization members: ‘To help create a better world.’ Yes, we know, a total cliché, but we took that dream to the field when we found how far we can get into the digital and technological world.

Our path has helped us understand how to generate confidence and peace for all the parties involved in a project.

We like to get involved with the people and organizations to have a clear idea of ​​what they want, nurturing a continuous collaboration. Here we can help you to pave the road. We’re not only a productive team; our mentality is based on mutual growth.


Our Vision

At Trascender Global, we work intending to be a leading organization in the IT industry. We are determined to maintain constant growth to achieve a value of more than a million dollars in the next five years while offering a hand to those who need it, while governed by the following principles of equity and justice,

  • The continuous development of our entire team and community on a professional, personal and financial level.
  • The creation and incubation of technological ideas born within our work ecosystem that will allow us to create the next relevant ‘unicorn.’


  • The construction of a better social fabric for the country through the job opportunities that we generate, and the education given by the inherent learning when executing projects, the inclusion of students and practitioners in our projects, and the connection with the academy.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind Trascender Global


"Rebellious by birth. Our dreams are lies that, in one way or another, are going to stop being lies. I’m fully committed to transforming my surroundings through entrepreneurship and tech positively."

Metalhead, drummer, seasonal fitness, travel passionate, cinema lover (sort of), cat person.

Andrés Martiliano

Make Things Happen Leader

"My mother, my wife, and my brother are my biggest motivations. I believe that anyone can achieve what they want, although I know first-hand that it is not easy, and that is why I do what I do." 

I enjoy simple things: a good meal, a movie, an afternoon with the family.

Mauricio Martiliano

Business and Product Chief Developer

"I’m always wandering the hills. Metalhead, musician, passionate about composition and getting into other people’s souls through music.”

Graduated as Chemical Engineer, currently studying Electrical Engineer. Self-taught.

Mauricio Parrado

Analytics Magician

“I'm a sensitive woman with nice feelings, eager to be happy, always ready to help, and put myself in each other's shoes."

I enjoy simple things, peace, and family.

Libia Henao

Happiness Officer

Relationship & product builders

“I generally sleep during movies, love being with my family, friends, and with those I love. Always intend to put art on everybody else minds.”

Industrial and Graphical Designer. Curious and dedicated, traveler, introverted.

Luisa Jaramillo

Dreams Alchemist

“I started in the entrepreneur life after a couple of bad decisions; that’s why I want to teach people with the lessons that life gave me.” 

An athlete since birth, footballer by heart, pet lover, writer, and analyst. Marvel and DC fanboy.

We, the Trascender family, your friends, and your family will always love you.❤

Cristian Llanos

Marketing Ninja

(Rest in Peace)

“Learning from life, and the many perspectives that exist. We are all a universe.”

An engineer by profession, entrepreneurial at heart, console gamer.

Jose Castañeda

Happy Clients Leader

“To work in a team is a privilege. I have led volunteer networks for several years, including some personal projects. I cannot wait to share with you all that I have learned.”

Leader born out of the street, literally. Passionate and proud father.

Kevin Daza

Black Belt Relationship Builder

“Transform my passions into actions” Political scientist in love with Colombia and my hometown Restrepo Valle del Cauca and always thinking how I can contribute to them and those around me.

I like spending time with my friends, getting to know new places and connecting with new cultures. I am passionate about leadership and developing projects that impact my community.

Juan Esteban Arias

Product Development Manager

Where the tech magic happens

“Passionate about technology and new trends, I use them to come up with a better solution letting people focus on analysis and not repetitive tasks.”

I love working with a multi-disciplinary team, technology, nature, and hamburgers.

Juan Camilo Gomez

Machine learning engineer/MLOps

“I am a believer in the family as the nucleus of society. I like to share my knowledge with whoever needs it. And, of course, enjoy sharing with my family.”

Self-Taught and Entrepreneur by Profession. Graduated in industrial engineering. Family Guy.

Diego Veloza

Analytics Magician/Tech Monkey

"Highly tech savvy. I love to help different companies around the world to make the steps to digital transformation building software applications and creating disruptive products"

Crypto lover guy, and worldwide citizen.

Luis Miguel Jimenez

Software Ninjaneer

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