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What do we do?

As you know, technology grows by leaps and bounds; in Trascender Global, we aim to provide different solutions to reduce the limitations that your project, company, or entrepreneurship might encounter. However, we do not only provide temporary solutions; we want you to be able to overcome similar situations, to break your limits, and to grow steadily. That’s what we call transcending.

We have become strong in different fields of technology, and in each of them, you will be accompanied to transcend, whether as a client, collaborator, or incubating your idea.

  • Business Intelligence 
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing

If you find that your limits are in one or maybe several of these fields, do not hesitate to seek the support of our team.

We like to get involved with the people and organizations that have a clear idea of ​​what they want, thus allowing us to continuously collaborate. Here we can help you pave the road; we’re not only a productive team; our mentality is based on entrepreneurship and mutual growth.

behind the scenes at beyond

The Organization

We are born from the shared dream among all members of the organization: to help create a better world. This dream develops constantly and has given us a path in the digital and technological world. This path has helped us understand how we can generate well-being for more people quickly.

Our focus is to give a hand in different areas to entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations that need to solve a problem, but also to give them the option to improve together and avoid falling back into past issues; that is what we call Transcending.

Our interdisciplinarity allows us to provide a complete service; thanks to our entrepreneurial mindset, we facilitate the path of our clients, and, together with our will of sharing our knowledge through our platform, we can generate added value for you.


Our Vision

Trascender Global represents the materialization of our dream to build a company differently, also expecting different results for the future of our organization, including clients, collaborators, and allies.

Trascender Global represents the entrepreneurship that builds society through:

  • Continuous development of all our team and community at a professional, personal, and economic level.

  • The creation and implementation of our technological ideas, allowing our collaborators to become entrepreneurs, and can build a profit for the entire organization.

  • The incubation of ideas from entrepreneurs that want to add value to our society, and that will become the next relevant Startups.

  • The construction of a social fabric through the educational connection that exists in our service platform and organizational management; through this education, we pursue the growth of our collaborators.

These are the principles that lead us to make our decisions. Our culture is grounded on providing a hand to those that need it, to be fair and equitable. We don’t want to tell you our vision on how we are going to be in X amount of years, because in the end, we all want to grow and transcend. We want you to understand how we see the world, so you can see our reality, and be a part of our organization, either as a client or as a collaborator.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Andrés Martiliano

Trascender Make Things
Happen Leader

Mauricio Martiliano

Trascender Money

Mauricio Parrado

Trascender Analytics

Luisa Jaramillo

Creative Leader

Cristian Llanos

Trascender Marketing
& Ops Ninja

Andrés Insuasty

Trascender Data
Supreme Boss

Jose Castañeda

Trascender Happy
Clients Leader

Kevin Daza

Trascender Good
Image Keeper

Libia Henao

Trascender Multitask

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