Boost your growth with advanced
  • data
  • software
  • digital
Boost your growth with unique
  • data
  • software
  • digital


✅ Become a data-driven leader, optimizing decision-making and real-time goal analysis through BI.

✅ Strengthen relationships with stakeholders using scalable and always available digital interfaces in the cloud.

✅ Enhance business processes and resources, leveraging AI and automation to increase efficiency and productivity. 

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Meet our solutions


Intelligent decision analyst

Using business intelligence and artificial intelligence methods, our team creates the necessary data and software infrastructure to analyze, visualize, and forecast business variables that optimize your decision-making process while giving you the tools to become a data-driven organization.  


Some use cases in your organization:


Intelligent Virtual Assistant

What if you could achieve automation and transformation through the applied use of Artificial Intelligence? Our teams can create you a customized virtual assistant capable of processing and automating corporate and organizational communication tasks through natural language processing and computer vision. 


Some use cases in your organization:


Cloud-based Application Developer

What if your goal is to have tailor-made web, mobile, or data applications to add digital presence and centralize organizational processes information while harnessing the cloud’s scalability, high availability, and secureness? Or maybe you have a digital application idea you want to bring to life? Either case, our team can imagine, create, and transcend that digital application your organization needs by seizing the available technology in tailor-made software development.


Some use cases in your organization:

Why rely on us?

benefits icons 02 1

Colombia is highly recognized as a great hub of engineering, innovation, and technology. Read more.

hiring processes.

You’ll get access to competitive pricing and don’t need to worry about hiring processes.


Out tech teams are not freelancers or part-time employees, our team will act as an extension of your company.

Creative minds

We’re not just programmers; we have creative and leadership minds that complement our solutions.

Digital transformation

We love helping companies transform and reach new levels thanks to technology and digital transformation. There’s a difference when there’s a passion at work.

Our key numbers

Since 2016, Trascender Global has developed and executed more than 300 tech projects for mid and big organizations in more than 20 countries. As a result, we bring opportunities to our region while giving the highest value possible to our clients. We’re listed in the top-rated lists of the worldwide biggest remote work platforms, and 

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What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us

Meet the team behind Trascender

Our work inspires smiles

Meet the team behind Trascender

How can you start growing your business with us?

It will always begin with an opening meeting to listen and understand what you need us to create or solve with our expertise. The following will happen once you decide to get in touch with us: 


You’ll get a free consultation to get to know each other and understand all the aspects of your need. 


We’ll review and explore any related resources to know your needs’ digital infrastructure and technical details. 


We’ll create a scope of work with an aligned roadmap based on your company’s position to obtain results. 


We’ll deliver you a formal proposal based on the defined scope of work, share ideas, and tidy up contract terms. 


We’ll start to transcend! 


Yes, of course, we have clients from all over the world, even with a significant zone difference. We have clients in Australia, Switzerland, United States, Singapore, Germany, Australia, and China. Fortunately, remote work and technology have allowed us to remove geographical barriers.

Yes. We take care of the UX (User Experience) and the UI (User Interface) to give the visuals and usability best suits your business, audience, and personal preferences. Our solution tool is customized for you only, whether it’s a dashboard, website, web, or mobile application.

We have different methods to receive payments. We’ll define the one that suits you better at the contract definition. We can either use,

  • A custom-made payment link where you can make secure payments with credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express).
  • PayPal.
  • Payoneer.
  • Western Union.
  • Direct Contract through Upwork.

Yes, of course, we provide legal invoices no matter the payment method we agreed to use.

Yes, we always include a guarantee period for each service we offer in each segment. The duration and terms of such a guarantee will depend on the final agreement. Also, all of our software goes through strict QA processes to ensure quality.

Yes, you can read our privacy policy available in the website footer. We can also always add Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure agreements on top of our relationship so you can be confident that your project or any private data is protected under the rules of the applicable countries and regions.

Which of our services should we talk about?

Please select the service that best suits your needs. You will be directed to our booking online.