We build IT-based solutions using

We build IT-based solutions using

We build software-based products and services engineered to solve daily problems for companies and startups through process automation and process improvement.


  • Human and object recognition
  • Intelligent business analyst
  • Intelligent virtual assistant
  • Cloud-based software developer
  • Intelligent human care

Human and object recognition

We build intelligent systems to automate corporate processes using image and video classification, text and data extraction, and object and facial visual recognition.

Intelligent business analyst

Using business intelligence methods, we create the necessary data infrastructure to analyze, visualize and predict variables and indicators that will help you optimize your decision-making process.

Intelligent virtual assistant

We create your customized virtual assistant capable of processing and automating corporate communication tasks through natural language processing in text, audio, and video format.

Cloud-based software developer

We create tailor-made web, mobile, and data applications to digitally leverage your business core idea or any customer or employee-oriented processes, harnessing the scalability, high availability, and secureness that cloud architectures give us.

Intelligent human care

Through artificial intelligence models, we develop tools to facilitate the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of several health conditions.


Since 2016, Trascender Global has developed and executed more than 300 tech projects for mid and big companies in more than 20 countries.
We bring opportunities to our region while giving the highest value possible to our stakeholders.​

Vanguard Technologies:

"It has been amazing to partner up with Trascender Global to scale and distribute our AI-based technology. We have created a solid team thanks to their professionalism."

Cabrera Business:

"Our experience with Trascender Global has been unique. We are very happy with their work during this last year and half and we hope they continue helping us creating our web and mobile applications"


"Andrés and the Trascender Global team met all our requirements. They were very professional to work with. We are very satisfied with their work."


"Trascender Global provided good quality work and the ability to deliver the requested projects within a very tight time frame. Additionally, it was very easy to obtain timely replies to email questions, to discuss issues and results via video conferencing, and communication and feedback was very easy. I would seek this team out for future projects as well. "


"We have been working with Trascender Global for the last nine months and we have had a very good experience. Trascender Global is a reliable company, with an excellent group of professionals and human talent. Our project has not been an easy task to develop but they managed to pass every single obstacle they have found in the way. We highly recommend these professionals and hope we can continue working with them."


"Trascender Global were amazing to work with! They knew exactly what I needed for my Excel sheet and had a draft ready very quickly. The turnaround time was fantastic, and I'm so pleased with the work done. The entire process was very easy. Mauricio is a great communicator, and the entire team are very professional. Highly recommend working with them!"

map-Trascender-Global_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 6

"Great experience working with the team and consistent high-quality results across the time we worked together. Will continue with Trascender Global in the future."





It will always begin with an opening meeting to listen and understand what problems you would need us to solve with our expertise.

The following will happen once you decide to get in touch with us:


You’ll get a free consultation to know each other and understand all the aspects of your need.


We’ll review any related resources to know the digital infrastructure and technical details around your need.


We’ll create a scope of work with an aligned roadmap based on your company’s position to obtain results.


We’ll deliver you a formal proposal based on the defined scope of work, share ideas and tidy up contract terms.



We always guaranty the safety of your data and what you share with us. Please read our privacy policy here.
In case you want to reach us via email, you can write us at [email protected]


Yes, of course, we have clients from all over the world, even with a significant zone difference. We have clients in Australia, Switzerland, United States, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong. Fortunately, remote work and technology have allowed us to remove geographical barriers.

Yes. We take care of the UX (User Experience) and the UI (User Interface) to give the visuals and usability best suits your business, audience, and personal preferences. Our solution tool is customized for you only, whether it’s a dashboard, website, web, or mobile application.

We have different methods to receive payments. We’ll define the one that suits you better at the contract definition. We can either use,

  • A custom-made payment link where you can make secure payments credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express) or PayPal.
  • Via Payoneer.
  • Via Western Union.
  • Via Direct Contract through Upwork.

Yes, of course, we provide legal invoices no matter the payment method we agreed to use.

Yes, we always include a guarantee period for each service we offer in each segment. The duration and terms of such a guarantee will depend on the final agreement.

Yes, you can read our privacy policy available in the website footer. We can also always add Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure agreements on top of our relationship so you can be confident that your project or any private data is protected under the rules of the applicable countries and regions.

Which of our services should we talk about?

Please select the service that best suits your needs. You will be directed to our booking online.